Use Dow Solar Shingles For Your Roofs

Solar energy has been growing as an option for many homeowners to save energy for their household use. Solar energy has various disadvantages and advantages, mostly depending on the type of tools you use for making solar energy. Two main considerations when considering a solar panel for your house are the installation cost and how it appears after installation.

Solar panels come in different shapes and forms and some people are conscious about how they will make their house look, especially the new owners who have built new houses. If you are worried about your houses looking ugly, then Dow solar shingles are the perfect choice for you.

Advantages of Using Solar Shingles On Your Roofs:
Solar shingles are thin-films of solar panel that look exactly like your normal roof tiles. These shingles gel with your tiles easily. As they cannot be seen from outside therefore they do not have any effect on the appearance of your house. Moreover, various designs and color schemes are also available in solar shingles so that house owners can find matching solar shingles with their roof shingles.

dowpowerhouse Use Dow Solar Shingles For Your Roofs

Solar shingles are just like your average roof tiles or shingles. It does not require any special tools or skills to install these shingles. Anyone who can install your roof shingles can also install the solar shingles without a worry. Therefore, the installation cost is also quite low.

You do not need to cover the shingles with glass or plastic sheet of any kind. They are exposed to sunlight throughout the day and thus these are able to absorb more sunlight and subsequently generate more energy.

These shingles can be connected in the grid or off the grid. If you are using Dow solar shingles on all your roof, then it can generate enough energy for your house. You can hire an electrician to help install the shingles on your roof and connect the grid with an inverter to generate electricity.

Solar shingles are cost effective as compared to other solar products. The rooftop solar panels are more costly than these solar shingles and as they are spread on all over the roof, so they cover more area. Thus, the overall product of installing the solar roof shingles as compared to other solar panels for roofs will be quite less, and it will generate more energy for your house comparatively.

You do not require any specific tools to install the roof shingles; all you need to do is to connect your solar shingles with an inverter. This is an electrician’s job and you can hire an electrician to do this for you.

Dow understands the needs of people and therefore, it is designing sleeker and stylish solar shingles so that they provide the work that is required of them and look stylish on your rooftops as well. Various color schemes are also introduced in solar shingles, so that these solar shingles are matched with the original tiles o your roof. If you are interested in saving the energy cost for your house and generate electricity on your own for personal use, then solar shingles is the best option for you.

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